The Idea

There is more to events than sports, marketing or music show. It is a product in itself with its own brand, image and target group. The main goal of visual experience at events is not as much to inform as it is to support corporate visual identity. The whole event package neatly translates into profits for organizers, sponsors, ambassadors and media alike. Ingenious branding spotlights the event and the brand behind it, creating a platform for sponsors’ and partners’ exposure. Professional visual framework supports participants’ and audience satisfaction.

The strong fundation of our event dressing offer is the joint expertise in project management, sports sponsorship and marketing combined with years of experience and technological excellence in signage and printing. This ensures a coherent package of in house supervision and production of all the main features. We undertake all aspects of event visual production such as in deapth preparation and branding coordination with thorough planing, service, technical support, production to final exposure. This attitude makes project management easier bringing potential risk factors to minimum. It is not only cost effective but guarantees tiemely and smooth implementation and delivery.


Assessing operation modes of organizing comeeties of large scale, mass events and analyzing the market needs of subcontracting event agencies, we would like to present – event dressing, a turn key approach to visual aspects of event creation. In our budgetary management we make your budget work its hardest to deliver the most unique event possible.

It is possible through identifying and managing following project branding aspects:

  • target group mapping
  • inventory and concept (including technical support and feasibility studies)
  • graphic support – layout and 3D visuals creation
  • budget management and brief compliance
  • production
  • project coordination


On implementation level it means site visiting, structure choice, graphic design, technical support, logistical and operational management, production, health and safety and set up. Our large in house printing capabilities ensure greater flexability with price competitive edge.

event dressing – event visual aspects management stages:



What shall be branded? We would suggest all, as long as safety, ecology are well considered.
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Thorough reasearch and resoursing is one of the key contract stages.
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All manners of printing technologies have constituted our core business for many years.
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The best print quality, well designd banner or branding detail may lose its appeal if unprofessionally exposed.
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